"Please, give me courage."

Street musician "Koutarou" was performing on the street as usual.

However, none of the passersby tried to listen to his singing.

Amidst his disappointment, a mysterious figure appeared and said, "What a pity...". Koutarou became even more confused, and then someone came along...

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Koutarou | Kuramoto Ryuhei

The protagonist of this work, a troubled street musician. But does he have potential that he himself is unaware of...?

Momo | Momo

Koutarou's childhood friend. They have a fateful reunion.

Shinko | Venus Shinko

The producer of Violet Records. He gives Koutarou numerous pieces of advice with profound words.

Roshieru | Kasyoi Roshieru

The master of a café. Supports Koutarou together with Shinko. Shinko and he are friends.

Now Streaming!!

"Banh!Banh!Kotaro StreetED" is now available on Android/iOS and receiving great reviews!
Enjoy Koutarou's adventures with easy controls and exhilarating action!
Characters from the drama make their appearance, of course.

Kuramoto Ryuhei、Momo、Venus Shinko、Kasyou Roshieru

Director Kenji Hamaguchi